Jerome Thomas – Conversations EP

Conversations is an absolute Nirvana of an EP, and Jerome Thomas might be 2016's greatest gift.

Jerome Thomas is an UK young artist with a whole lot to offer. The past 16th of November, Jerome released his debut EP, Conversations. And what a great way to present his first extended project!

Conversations is socially conscious – it’s my observation of society inspired by real life conversations I have had with myself, friends and fam. I have penned about subjects shy of the industry today. I wanted to come from a different standpoint and avoid played out topics. It has been a long time coming, and I’m ready for the world to hear the product of my absence.

Starting off things right, Chasing Paper is nothing but contemporary soul and condensed in 3:45 minutes. Featuring Coops and produced by Talos, this single will get you hooked in to see what’s to come. Get ready for some serious rich ambiance and amazing vocals:

Next up, Spotless Mind. With a groovier beat and layered vocals, it almost transports you into the sunshine… Puns aside, this single is a great extension to showcase Jerome‘s various talents and once again appraise Talos work.

Halfway through we get some Company. Soft riffs, heavy beats and smart composition is all we live for. And exactly what Jerome delivers alongside with Hurricane. Funny how changing the producer definitely changes the flow of the single, but in this case clearly keeping the EP vibe intact. This single was premiered one day earlier than Conversations by SoulEtiquette.

Coming down to the second to last track, The Stone shines through. With a very warm and sexy ambiance, this track asks for a glass of wine, a fireplace and extends the invitation for a plus one. The Stone might be the most smooth of all five singles Conversations comprises.

Closing off the EP is Nirvana. And how beautifully suiting. Nirvana is the one that made us fall in love with Jerome. For some reason, this last track gives us a christmasy vibe we can’t quite shake off. But hey, it’s December, Christmas is coming, and Jerome Thomas might be 2016’s greatest gift.

Conversations is chilled RnB-soul-electronic heaven. And we’re staying here.

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