[TGIF] Get Well Soon, Clara

Unicorns, satin and colouring, this weekend's playlist has everything for a boost in energy and relaxation.

tgif raleight ritchie colouring CHAI KHAT RKCB FERDIN&ND Vaults

Thank God It’s Friday! The past few days have been tough to describe. In fact, this week was filled with ups and downs, so this weekend should be nothing but relaxing and healing. We decided to create a playlist a little bit longer, featuring a 5-track EP and a 13-track LP. So, all you have to do really is hit play and worry about nothing. Enjoy!

Raleigh Ritchie – Unicron Loev

Raleigh Ritchie beautiful debut album was one of the most played on our speakers. Continuing his amazing spiral of RnB and urban Pop he released the first preview of the newest EP Mind The Gap. Unicron Loev has everything we would be expecting from Raleigh. Keeps the telling story pace and the background beats, until it evolves into the type of love an unicorn would practice.

Colouring – Everything Has Grown

Increase the volume, let yourself go. Colouring have finally released their debut EP entitled Symmetry with five perfect songs, including the most perfect 21st century cover of I Heard It To The Grapevine. But we would like to take a moment to dedicate ourselves to the inner beauty in Everything Has Grown, a song that captures too well the bumpy road that is growing up while you’re an adult. Adding to this huge emotional aura a live version to leave everyone speechless.

CHAI KHAT – Hail Satin

Released one day ago, Hail Satin is CHAI KHAT‘s debut single and first sneak peak of the LP they’ll be releasing mid 2017. Incorporating an 80’s atmosphere, with soft guitars, a nice drum base and funky vocals, this single has everything to lift up every mood. By accepting and living the very moment, you forget your fear of the future. The here and now embodies your entire life. And that’s how we like our weekend – fearless.

RKCB – In Contrast EP

For our great joy, RKCB released their EP In Contrast yesterday. This EP featured several favourites of ours, including Elevated, Future Being (our first review of them) and Enough (also featured two weeks ago in the TGIF playlist). We called it as soon as we heard themRKCB  are one hell of a band, and this EP is the living proof of it. Adding two more songs to their spot on repertoire, In Contrast is an EP to hit play and let go.

FERDIN&ND – Don’t Wanna

Keeping the electronic vibe going we also have something very very new for this weekend. FERDIN&ND is a mysterious project that fuses RnB and electronic in a very sensual song. Don’t Wanna is based on a very strong vocal registry that says it like it is and comes along with a naughty video that should delight the most appropriate viewers.

Vaults – Caught In Still Life Album

Vaults is back and bring us that polished, crisp electronic alt-pop with a tinge of darkness we all love. This time in a 13-songs-long format. Caught in Still Life is a magnificent album to simply let play from top to bottom and then repeat. This album includes Midnight River (which we already featured way back in March), Cry No More and One Last NightCaught in Still Life  feels as if the band put everything in their power into its creation and that is why we consider it to be one of the best albuns 2016 has given us. Make sure to enjoy every inch of it:

With Love,
José and Bea