Sara Hartman – From The Otherside of the World

From the Other Side of the World is an intimate moment in a hectic world.

Just a few hours old, From The Otherside of the World is Sara Hartman‘s latest single. And it is a delight to be heard. This is the first single since the Satellite EP, which we adored. Although it only was released today, Sara had already played this single a couple of times on live performances. Sounding a bit more in the likes of Oh WonderFrom The Otherside of the World is different of what we heard on the EP, but still maintainig Sara‘s imprint. This single relies on a stripped down production, counting only with acoustic guitars, drums and vocals. A bold approach for some, but with such a powerful voice as Sara‘s, this arrangement is the perfect way to create an intimate moment in a hectic world.

I wrote From The Otherside Of The World for my little sister. I was in Berlin writing when she had her 6th birthday back home in Sag Harbor. I sat down and wrote a letter to her and these words became the lyrics of this song. (…) I was so excited to ask her to do the cover art. She is becoming a strong and wide eyed young woman and I am so happy that we can share this song.

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