[TGIF] Prodigal Coastline

Here's to 200 posts published. A song for every mood.

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Thank God it’s Friday (well, Saturday… but who’s counting?)! Considering this week we hit the 200 post mark, we wanted this weekend to be filled with joy and good music. Merging some dreamy indie with rockery electronic, we have a song for every mood we may come across. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this as much as we do! Have a nice weekend.

Hollow Coves – Coastline

Coastline is Hollow Coves newest single and is such a wonder. Bringing back that daydream, warm magic to the indie scene, Hollow Coves became a recent favourite of ours. And Coastline will definitely be a part of our daydreaming.

Max Pope – The Operator

The Operator is a political song. Max Pope stated that it started as a horror fantasy, but has now become a frightening reality with the arrival of Mr. Donald J. Trump. Superb song-writing and vocal control, this single falls in the likes of The Neighbourhood, Arctic Monkeys or even Modest Mouse. So impossible to not move your feet or nod your head, that the message comes out as a very nice relaxation advice.

Rationale – Prodigal Son

We’ve talked about Rationale so many times (is the first song on our playlist for god sake), that what is left for us is to overjoy every time they release a new single. It is clear as water, that every single thing they do, is a pure wonder. Two days ago they released Prodigal Son, a sentimental indietronic ballad that could play until eternity.

Flume – Heater

The amount of songs Flume has produced this year is probably incomparable to any other electronic producer in the field. Some few months after his third and fifteen-track-long album has come out, today he released a brand new EP. Skin Companion has four tracks, but for us Heater is the highlight. Almost no vocals, but such a distinct power in the beats that you may feel invincible listening to this.

Sam Brockington – Manta Ray

Our favorite Sam Brockington, has release today his first ever EP entitled Peace of Mind. This beautiful debut includes the song with the same title we talked about two weeks ago, and the unforgettable Follow. But, guess what, it also has Manta Ray. From the first second we push play we know this is another keeper. You should listen to this rocky-blues takeaway very close to your favorite Friday night drink. We will.

Laurel – Too Far

Yes, sometimes it may look like we are not on top of all that is relevant in the indie music industry. And that is true. One blog does not fit it all. But this one, could not ignore that Laurel has been making brand new music. She released a new EP entitled Park in the beginning of the week, and there is a certain roughness in all four songs that leave us craving for more and more. We choose Too Far because we had to choose one. Rocky Laurel for all of you. Be sure to get addicted to this.

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With love,
WtMM Team.