Hippo Campus – monsoon

Monsoon is yet another single portraying Hippo Campus artistry and versatility.

Photo credit to Bo Weber.
hippo campus monsoon

Hippo Campus will release their debut full-length album landmark on February 24th. Today we bring you the second single from the album, monsoon.

The words in “monsoon” deal with the death of a family member and the surprising lack of devastating grief. There was joy in the life that had been lived, instead of regret for what could’ve been. The monsoon itself became a metaphor for not experiencing that familiar and widely expressed “it should’ve been me” feeling, and trying to tackle that conflicting guilt. The guilt of not feeling guilty. Re-creating that world to exist in this song was a therapeutic and rewarding process.

Monsoon is a bit different from their usual super upbeat sound (the most recent example is the first single out of this upcoming album, boyish), but it still maintains everything we love about Hippo Campus. Much like Bombay Bicycle Club but this time with a Rhodes-like piano entrance, the whole sonority falls perfectly into place according to their description of the song. Absolutely beautiful. The amazing thing about this single is the (as per-usual) production. Brilliantly mastered, they were able to keep the electronic ambiance in a soothing level and show raw emotion in the vocals, tying all elements together. As soon as the instrumentation comes in, i.e. the guitar and drums, the song picks up pace and involves you completely. Monsoon is yet another single portraying Hippo Campus artistry and versatility.

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