Gordi – 00000 Million (cover)

Gordi covers Bon Iver in a hauntingly beautiful a capella version of 00000 Million.

gordi 00000 million bon iver

After releasing Clever Disguise EP back in May this year, Gordi just released a cover. And is absolutely fitting! We have always drawn a comparison between her sound with Bon Iver, so now we have full closure. 00000 Million is featured in Bon Iver‘s latest album 22, A Million as the ending track.

It’s amazing how Gordi was able to capture the exact essence of the single, keep it true to itself whilst keeping her true to herself. In this hauntingly beautiful version, Gordi strips down all production and sings a capella, layering her voice on top of itself to create magic in silent spaces. This genious move highlights the warmth of her vocals and brings everything together in a super intimate register. Absolutely amazing.

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