[TGIF] Kick Jump To Weekend

From warm and sexy vocals, to healthy electronic ambiance and leading drums, this Friday has it all.

rkcb satellite mode sylvan esso king washington carmody

Thank God It’s Friday! Yesterday and today have been some busy days in the music industry. Here we put together six electrifying songs not older than 30 hours. This Friday’s playlist has a very upbeat tempo, perfect for a kick of energy to have a great weekend.

RKCB – Enough

RKCB just released a brand new alt-pop RnB dream called Enough. Taken from their forthcoming debut EP In Contrast, this single follows the lead single Elevated creating quite a contrast. Nevertheless, Enough features the usual inviting warm vocals, and a downbeat ambient production perfect for a down-tempo weekend.

Satellite Mode – Warm Fire Lighting

Winter is coming and we really want some warm fire to warm us during the colder temperatures this weekend will bring us. Satellite Mode heard our prayers and released Warm Fire Lighting. This single is a bit more rock influenced than their previous work, but features the same clean production and sexy vocals.

Sylvan Esso – Kick Jump Twist / Radio

Sylvan Esso had an absolutely bombastic debut in 2014, when shortly after they released Hey Mamy and Coffee, the self-named album was also revealed to the world. Two long years have passed by without a new song, and during that period multiple indie artists somehow tried to produce similar sonority. When in the early morning hours of today, we noticed Kick Jump Twist waiting for us to hear it, we almost could not believe it. It is only natural the soon we noticed that was in fact a double release, and that Radio was also there, we’ve gone mad. For simplicity effects, we’ll say that while Kick Jump Twist showcases the healthy electronic aggressiveness of the duo, Radio is an electropop track that immediately fulfilled our abundant thirst for more Sylvan Esso. And we won’t say more, because there is no need. Definition of no-brainers right here.

Carmody – The Light Of Me

After several participations with other artists, including an EP with Tom Misch, Carmody released her very first EP of her own (Skin EP). Today she presented us a brand new song -magnificent, by the way- which made us think that something incredible might come in the beginning of 2017. With her beautiful voice and great electronic ambient samples, The Light Of Me is another awesome song Carmody ‘s already got us used to.

King Washington – My Reflection

King Washington is a 3-pieced band from Los Angeles, exploring and electrifying rock, yet melodic, taking a lot of use of voice harmonies, specially Tyson Kelly’s voice. My Reflection makes us immediately think about The Constellations: the deep harmonies, the higher notes, the drums… For first record ever, this one is great!

With love,