Cloves – Better Now

Expect to be wowed by Cloves and her powerful twist on the indie scene.

Christmas is approaching fast isn’t it? Well, as a proper signal that gifts are here to stay, the beautiful and enchanting Cloves, has released today, Better Now. This is the first glimpse of her debut album, expected to be one of the headlights of 2017.

We could say we are surprised by the quality of this track, if we hand’t featured her as one of our Ten to Follow back in February. From there to now she “exploded” all over the world, and if that could somehow bring less quality to new material, it’s with pure joy and wonder we say it didn’t. Better Now starts very smoothly, almost like a Christmas lullaby, but all of a sudden, she takes her feet out of the ground, and takes it to somewhere else less human. With a power not frequently seen on the indie music business, she woooo woooo’s us completely. Wrote together with Justin Parker (Banks, Bat For Lashes), this is a song about feeling misunderstood and claustrophobic in a relationship:

I had given up trying to talk about how I was feeling and instead started distancing myself. The lyrics touch on the internal conflict I was having about weighing up if a long term relationship was still working, the back and forth between obligation to someone and the desire to be alone.

Although very distinct from what we’ve heard in the debut EP XIII (one of this years best, by the way) this keeps the dramatic and absorbing feeling behind her lyrics, as well as the vocal wow factor she got us used to. We’ve heard that like this track, the album is influenced by rocky vibes like The Black Keys and Alabama Shakes and by the distinct blues of Mazzy Star and Nina Simone. We simply can’t wait for it. Meanwhile, she’s touring with mister Kiwanuka himself.

You know me,
So I know that you have your doubts

Expect more bombs like this one over the next months here:


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