Teen Ravine – Only You

Two songs, two different recordings, one huge talent

Meeting of the Day Teen Ravine - Only You

I’ve started thinking less” opens Teen Ravine‘s newest track Only You in a much more melancholic melody -compared with Friend of a Friend-, and we didn’t thought much to know that this is one great song! With real similarities to LCD Soundsystem‘s New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down instrumental, and with Fool On The Hill by The Beatles (the stucato of the piano and the flaute solo). Only You is an emotional and personal song, out of a broken heart in search of its cure, when the answer is always “only you”.

We’re still waiting for the EP and the expectations are very high! May we’ll have a surprise for Christmas.

Until then, Teen Ravine teases us with two great songs. Is the first time we write about him on WtMM, thus we leave you both songs in this post.

Friend of a Friend is Teen Ravine‘s very first track and it’s different. Now we can say it. Is more danceable, is disco and is full of rythm. It has something of War On Drugs in the beginning, slowly turning into an addicted song which you can’t stop listening, not even be still. So dance! Move your body over and over again while waiting for the next (we predict, fabolous) track!

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