Sam Brockington – Peace Of Mind

Welcome to the working week, here's for some Piece Of Mind.

Picture from the Piece Of Mind music video.

In need for a Monday tune? What about some piece of mind? Look no more. Sam Brockington, the enthusiastic Bristol singer that surprised us with the extasic Follow, is back. And oh man, if he didn’t bring the necessary ingredients for a perfect new beggining of week…

It has been more than a year since Sam released Follow, and the blues meet rock vibes that we first felt through his voice and strong guitar, are still intact. Peace Of Mind, his new single released last week, is, like the video itself, of a beautiful and comforting simplicity. A song for loud-singing and to leave the worries behind. Play it on the shower, play it in the car, play it at the office, but be sure to give this track the maximum amounts of plays you can. Everything in the right place again Sam. Just perfect.

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