Leif Vollebekk – Elegy

Elegy is a beautiful dichotomy about loosing love.

Picture credits to Joseph Yarmush
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Elegy, the newest song by Leif Vollebekk is a serious reflection about life. And like life itself it is both mesmerizingly beautiful and dramatically touching and consuming. Distinguished by a strong basis on the basic immersion of classic piano, guitar and strings. Not shying away from the best songs from Ryan Adams and Jeff Buckley, this song about loosing love is a sorrow and repose wondrous dichotomy.

Elegy is the first single released from Leif upcoming album, and the beggining of an epifany:

His last album, North Americana, although a tremendous success, felt like a singing short story book. The amount of immersion that the this Montreal-based multi instrumentalist put into it, some way evolved into an spiral of non-identification. Together with the touring factor, this drove him into hitting a sort of wall. At the sam time as Leif found himself listening to Nick Drake‘s Pink Moon alone in the dark of the endless hotel rooms, he also felt the necessity of singing away from his songs. Soon, the covers he started playing on the middle of his concerts turned into his own brightest spots.

In this process something change, with Leif creating process at the head. In no time the freewheeling but also devastating ideas that came spontaneously to him turned into new songs. And those songs resulted in his third and forthcoming (24 February) album.

By his own words: “By the time the last notes die away, all that’s left should be you. And I’ll be somewhere else. And that’s Twin Solitude.”

Featuring the likes of Olivier Fairfield (Timber Timbre), Sarah Page (Barr Brothers), Shahzad Ismaily (Secret Cheifs 3) and Chargaux string duo, Twin Solitude could be to 2017 what Sufjan Stevens Carrie & Lowel was to 2015. That bit of sour we all need to hear.

Twin Solitude can be pre-ordered here: http://goo.gl/tzMJTH

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