Vasser – Whatever You Want

Whatever You Want is an immersive electro RnB tune that will get you hooked from beginning to end.

Whatever You Want is Vasser‘s latest single and is a kaleidoscope of electronic dreams. Much like Tom Misch or even SG Lewis, but counting only with 316 likes on Facebook, Vasser builds a solid sound emphasizing on subtle changes in an immersive electronic ambiance. Starting off with some amazing guitar strings pulled and then adding the female sweet voice over sparse, constant drums. This electro RnB will actually get you feeling you might do whatever you want.

This is only Vasser‘s second release to date. One year ago, when Vasser was just 17 years old, he released his first single Stay With Me. Differently from Whatever You Want, the first single was based on experimental, low-key sharp beats and muffled vocals. So much groove.

Accounting for the evolution Vasser has gone through this last year, releasing now this amazingly solid single, we are keeping on our toes for more in the next months. Truly grabbing our attention, he might just have found the heavenly combination to get us doing whatever he wants.

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