RALPH – Busy Man

Sweet, sassy, sensible, sway, you name it. RALPH has it all.

Raffa Weyman (RALPH) grew up listening to great bands like Fleetwood Macthe Temptations and pop icons like David Bowie and Prince. From these she developed a special appreciation for music that sounds a bit like the past. Her love for several other styles like disco, synth and soul made her search for an unique sound that could establish her own as a reference.

Perfectly mixing soul and pop to a serious singing style that sometimes takes in considerable amounts of sassiness, she debuted herself in the end of 2015. This year she’s already released three other super consistent singles. The last one entitled Busy Man was everything we needed and more, to take the ride.

There have been many girl-based bands that reached a lot of success in the indie-pop world recently. This is probably why is not an easy job for RALPH, to get some well-deserved attention. Busy Man is capable of taking her to another level: mainly because the way this basis itself on the best of 80’s disco flow and works around rock beats and pop vocals, and on top of everything, adds very danceable melodies. The song is about falling in love with a “busy man or woman, who bails on plans and doesn’t call back”. Or mainly about vulnerability. And what can we say, but that we feel vulnerable to dance all the way though with this.

If this is a beautiful introduction to RALPH repertoire, well, we were in for a threat.

The first single, released back in 2015 was entitled Trouble. We can notice those Sade-like swings and those Stevie Nicks beautiful rasps on this. The sort of vocals that makes every man melt and every pair of feet move away from their original spot like they don’t care.

Shortly after in the beginning of this year she debut Cold to the Touch. Again with some very strong lyrics and catchy melodies, this sounds similar to what HAIM would do best. It is probably just a matter of months until this turns at least a bit viral.

The first glimpse we had towards RALPH was with Something More, a very emotional song that sounds sweet like magic. A song inspired by Master of None and by the way “young adults are consumed by the notion of something more or someone better, often leading us to sabotage the good things we have”. We feel you Raffa. But we don’t think it’s possible for a song about this to sound as good as this one gets:

With a debut EP on it’s way (January 2017) two additional songs should be added to these four. It would not take us by surprise that RALPH becomes a very influential part of the next year pop industry.

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