[TGIF] Ying Yang Cranberry Juice

Starting off with some chilled tunes, going from experimental through electronic and ending in rock. All in a good day's work.

Thank God It’s Friday! This week has been another one with great releases after great releases. Below, you’ll find a select few of this week’s amazing harvest. Starting off with some chilled tunes, going from experimental through electronic and ending in rock. All in a good day’s work, ready to be tasted through the weekend. Sit back, feet up, enjoy!

Maggie Rogers – Dog Years

Released today, Dog Years is the second single from the already very successful Maggie Rogers. If Alaska has generated much hype, this second single fulfills all expectations. This is a beautiful and solid song about resisting to hash times that perfectly mixes pop with several other genres. True to what seems to be her trademark, vocally it sometimes resembles the likes of Daughter or Lucy Rose and the sparse electronic bit made us think of a softer Sylvan Esso. Above all a very well accomplished song that can make her continue her glorious ascension to the top of the pop world.

The Dig – Simple Love

After a three year hiatus, The Dig are back with the release of a new single entitled Simple Love. They shared it together with a very unconventional music video where the guys are on a church playing the song disguised of what seems to be several of the greatest music historical references. And if the video itself is a bit too much on the strange side, the song is a love and hate story. Make no mistake, if you love this song, it will work out as one of the most sticky songs of the year.

Molly Moore – Indigo

Molly Moore just put out her newest single Indigo. This comes as a little appetizer before her EP Now You See Me due 8th November. Indigo was inspired by the concept of Indigo Children (i.e.: children who are believed to possess special, unusual, and sometimes supernatural traits or abilities) explained Moore in a recent interview. Electro-trumpets background, sweet voice and nice flow, we’re set for the weekend.

Nick Murphy – Stop Me (Stop You)

Stop Me (Stop You) is Murphy’s second new track under his own name. With a rockier feel to it, the first half of the single is built on fast paced beat with siren synths blaring in the background. Halfway through the track, all this hecticness drops away to end as a sparse piano ballad. Murphy said that “Stop Me (Stop You) is essentially two inseparable songs. Ying and Yang of past and present.

Black Honey – Hello Today

A little rock never hurt nobody. Black Honey are back with a great new single, Hello Today. There’s no better way to welcome the weekend than with a “fuck  you, fuck off” vibe. Hello Today has a carefree aura combined with the sonority of The Cranberries – something we haven’t heard in quite a while now. Leave the past behind and enjoy the two day break ahead with Black Honey. Hello today ’cause I got heaven in my veins / Tomorrow’s new, God and Buddha love me too.

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