Dreamcoat – Sleeping Through Tempests

A wintery trip trought the best tempest we've ever had.

A month ago, Dreamcoat released their very first EP, Sleeping Through Tempests and Winter is the opening track -and how wintry it sounds! It’s melancholic, it’s dark, it’s tempestuous… It’s great. Winter grows stronger on the chorus, as if we were on a rainy day and suddenly the wind blows throwing everything down, being noisy and rage.

From the very first chords you can immediately find their influences: imagine if Dry The River invited Local Natives‘ Taylor Rice to sing their deepest songs, the result would be something like this.

Under the Skin is a trip through feelings, emotions and Radiohead. With great harmonies, this track is more lineal and mature, once again the strings sounds perfectly and invites us to travel through a gloomy forest, some sort of enchanted environment.

Keep traveling on this enchanted forest and you’ll find Lunarbloom. Now we start thinking that is pointless writing about every track one-by-one when Sleeping Through Tempests was perfectly played and writen and it sounds as one single track. Lunarbloom amazingly combines with the previous songs (as such as the nest ones too) and finishes with a great smooth guitar solo that magically makes us and the forest trees sway to its rhythm.

The EP walks to its end passing through another great tune: Choke is probably the most rock track of this record and at the same time the most dark of it, reminding a lot of Death Cab For Cutie. Then we get to Ghost Legs, a pop-rock song extremely well done with a key chorus that we’ve singing since the first time we heard. “You will be the last mistake I made” closes the “tempest”, but we must say: it’s the best tempest we’ve ever had!

This EP is certainly one of the most amazing ones launched this year, and we truly believe that Dreamcoat will give us huge masterpieces in future.

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