The Lovely Days – The Lovely Days E.P.

Influenced by the likes of Beatles, The Lovely Days debut is not only a beautiful trip, but one of the most obligatory EPs of the year.

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Nobel is a name associated to distinction, to be the greatest in what you do. Probably not a coincidence this is also the name of the two brothers who are the basis (and the voices) of the rock-pop (or self-title “it’s a trip”) band The Lovely Days.

Tennyson and Holden, together with Stephen Dickie and Jackson McIvor are based in Byron Bay, Australia, and responsible for one of the most danceable and rock-your-head out EP’s of this year. Their debut release which was named after the band, is a five long track list with no down sides. In what seems to be inspired by bits of the most influential band in Rock history (The Beatles), these high paced songs encompass a feel-good vibe that, we believe, no one will be indifferent.

But let’s start from the beginning, when we first put our hands on them, we first heard Lordness (which now also has a video to dance along). And if , when I first heard it, the initial thirty seconds do not feel like the most convincing piece of rock in today’s music, wait until you reach the magical repetitiveness of the vocal- chorus. From that point on, there is no way back. Or anywhere to go wrong. really. High spirited all the way, this short song tells it all about “being present and engaging with each moment you’re in”.

We could say we were satisfied with Lordness, but them comes the rest of the EP. And oh people, weren’t we in for a treat. Moving In, is so well built and so simple at the same time, that captivating falls short as a definition. Mixing a seamless combination of vocal harmonies with a strong beat and a leading-to-happiness guitar, we’d really hope people put this music in auto-repeat while moving in together. And while living together too.

To top it off. The third song, You, made us hit the “favorite” button as one of the best debut EPs of the year. Honest lyrics about how precious should me-time be, and a modern sincere sound that feels like what The Who would deliver if they were formed in the 21st century.

The longer track of the EP, From Where You’d Rather Be, it’s also the one which sounds more from the 70’s and 80’s. No shame on this. Not only this sounds good, but also showcases that The Lovely Days can also be nostalgic (pun intended).

The final song, Saffron Shine, is about a friend with an unusal name and turning that friend into a song. Just because. And it sounds so good and effortless at the same time, that I actually scrolled my contact list for names that could be turned into songs. Find some, but wished I knew Saffron.

Being a breath of fresh air in today’s music, must be one of the most difficult things to achieve. The Lovely Days have done it. Self-produced and self-penned, this is without doubt one of the most obligatory EPs one can hear this year. And I suspect, one to treasure for years to come.

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