Radio Days – Higher

Higher is Radio Days newest single and we dare you not get ~high~ over this.

radio days higher

On October 10th  Radio Days released their new single Higher. Allying this ultra current indietronic vibe with some synths and awesome rhythms from the 80’s, Radio Days appear to have found a new route to pursuit. Their EP Antenna was released on March 20th and focused mostly on synthesizers with natural vocals and some guitar/piano duos.

Although Higher is filled with a lot of the same elements that are present, for instance, in Come Along, these are very different projects. This new single has an accelerated, hasty feel embed in the rhythm, and with the falsetto on top its impossible to not get ~high~ listening to this.

As if being a great son wasn’t enough, Higher has been on the rise! It has been already featured by Austin Kramer on the Spotify playlist ‘Indietronic‘, Spotify Netherlands ‘Beautiful Day‘ playlist, Spain’s most popular station LOS40, the major Dutch station 3FM, Topsify, BBC Radio Introducing and in the Showtime series ‘The Affair’!

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