Mansionair – Easier

Mansionair is back and it doesn't get much Easier to fall in love with a song.

Mansionair, one of our favorite new artists ever (and one of the 2016 ten-to-follow), is back and released a new single about two week ago, entitled Easier. This sentence is one of those which writes for itself really. Once again it does not took much for us to be heavily involved with this song, both in terms of rhythm and emotionally. And we believe it will not take long for anyone else either. Just do the following exercise: Put your earphones or headphones, increase the volume a little bit, and press play. Let Mansionair tell you how easy it is to fall in love with music. Four minutes and an half that will go by like time has no meaning.

Easier starts like a controlled start of an uncontrollable love affair. A strong bass, and just a few elegant and strategic vocal cravings and we are already hooked. But by the time we get closer to minute 2, magic really comes down on us. The electronic riffs that we are used to hear in any Flume’s demonstration of power, go so perfectly together with the voice, that this chorus is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen this year in a song. From that point on, the song continues to evolve step-by-step, and by the time it reaches the end we know we’ve just heard a monster of a track.

Once again, Easier demonstrates how natural is, this feeling of being overwhelmed by Mansionair. If we knew how to bow to music, we would.

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