[TGIF] Mysterious, Cinematic and Electric: Halloween Eve

We're almost on Halloween and celebrations are in order.

Thank God Its Friday! We’re almost on Halloween and celebrations are in order. As everyone knows, there’s no party without some music so we’re listing below some of the tunes released during the course of this week. In a building crescendo from cinematic to electric, this playlist will recharge your drained energy and lift up your mood.

Matt Maltese – Vacant In The 21st Century

Matt Maltese, who was one of our first ever New Secrets, unveiled yesterday a new single. Vacant in the 21st Century was co-produced by The Maccabees own Hugo White, and is a cinematic-like song with a very solid melody and a classic feeling that is not so common in today’s music. Built with a not so positive political connotation, we will just say that it also works as a beautiful relaxation for the end of a very busy week.

Wilco – Someone to Lose 

Sometimes it’s impossible to not get tangled into the refreshed vibes of the old feelings: Wilco newest single is a classic alternative rock song which not only evidences that some people are more special than others, but also does it with what is probably the most delicious music video we’ve seen all year.


Laakes has no introduction, we don’t know where this project comes from or who is behind it. By the time we discovered Laakes, last weekend, it only counted with 3 likes on Facebook and 129 followers on SoundCloud and things haven’t changed much. But one thing we know for sure: Fold is an amazing track. Based on simple piano chords and on a beat flow created by a bunch of samples, his voice soulful and smooth. We’re sure this will enchant every Chet Faker and Tom Mish‘s lovers!

Alice Jemima – Electric

Alice Jemima is no stranger here at Where the Music Meets. We loved her ever since Liquorice all through Dodged a Bullet, and now again with Electric. This  is the first single out since Liquorice EP, and is taken from Alice Jemima‘s upcoming self-titled debut LP.  Electric is a sparse, minimalist pop music piece will brighten your weekend.

 Speelburg – Sauvage 

Suiting the Halloween feeling, after a year hiatus after releasing Lay It Right EP back in 2015, Speelburg comes back with Sauvage. With this freaky funky vibe, we dare you to keep still as the track progresses.


Nimmo – Dancing Makes Us Brave 

Dancing Makes Us Brave is such a perfect song to keep on repeat during this weekend.  This song is huge in composition, energy, production… You name it. This is a bold piece that expects you to shake and dance accordingly. Troubles, move away! Dancing makes us (literally) brave.

More songs like this can be found at our weekly updated Spotify playlist: