FØNX – Hit Me Hard

Hit Me Hard, FØNX first ever single, is an electropop tune with the potential to be a phenomenon.

Corey Fox-Fardell a.k.a. FØNX, is a East Sussex-based pop-RnB singer-songwriter whose characteristics can very well turn him into a phenomenon. While it is not the first time, it is certainly not very common, that some few pop-electronic riffs are sufficient for us to be fascinated by a song. FØNX achieves that. His first ever single to know the light of day, Hit Me Hard, is an electropop tune with the potential to be played until exhaustion on every radio station around the World.

Perpetrated by a very strong guitar-electronic riff that accompanies the whole song, there is an uncontrollable force that makes it impossible to stop listening. And it’s so worth it when this reaches the chorus that we were immediately hooked to it. “This girl is a killer” are the kind of words we see ourselves singing in the shower, and you should expected to hear it only a couple of times until this happens.

Although at first look Hit Me Hard seems inspired by a particular someone, Corey clarifies this is only a result of his writing process.

“It’s about different things that have occurred in my life but it’s not about one particular person/incident. When I write I usually take my reality and twist it to create stories and characters based on real people or things that have happened to me or other people I know.”

The strong production surrounding the song was a result of his own creation together with producer Tommaso Colliva (Muse, Phoenix, Franz Ferdinand, The Gutter Twins), who also co-produces his forthcoming and debut EP.

“It was pretty awesome working with him and I really learnt a lot in that short space of time. During the time we were recording my EP Tommaso won a Grammy for his work on Muse’s last album, so it was pretty cool walking into the studio one day to see it sitting there. That award definitely has a presence about it.”

If Hit Me Hard is not already good enough to conquer your pop taste, listening to the quality live interpretations FØNX has been putting out on the London Sofar Sounds Sessions would certainly convince you. Corey told us about how this project grows in strong live sets:

FØNX was a fresh start/re-brand for me as the new music is so different to what I have released in the past. I suppose this was a natural progression in terms of expanding the sound and writing in a new style. I decided to switch it around and expand the sound. Now I’m having more fun than ever writing and performing it. I’m mostly playing live with a drummer playing electronic pads mixed with a kit and the live shows are getting an awesome reaction.”

Also regarding influences he surprised us with a very eclectic background:

“My influences range from George Benson and Earth Wind & Fire to Frank Ocean and Kanye West. I love that golden era of music and nothing comes close to it for me but then I also love new current stuff. People pushing boundaries always inspires me and really keeps me interested in producing myself and experimenting to find unique sounds and techniques. I try to mix bits of these two worlds together when writing so it keeps it exciting for me as I can never tell how the next song I write will turn out so hopefully it will keep listeners guessing too!”

Concerning short-term future, Corey is debuting new singles and his debut EP really soon, while he dreams of possible collaborations with emerging artists from very distinct backgrounds:

“There’s so many people I’d love to collab with. Tom Misch, Mura Masa, Anderson Paak, King Krule…”

Regardless of how any of this opportunities emerges or not, the next year will be dedicated into producing “lots of new music, music videos and a couple more EPs” before FØNX delves into a full album.

Meanwhile FØNX debut EP is out… only for the lucky people who get to see him live:

Regarding the singles, we heard there will be a new one coming out soon, so stay tuned.

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