Matt Woods – Nothing Less

Nothing Less is a sad song turned into an obsessive indietronic eargasm.

Matt Woods is back, with Nothing Less “than the best thing”.  This is the second single of the year for the Cornwall born and raised, but now London-based, soul-pop artist. And God if he is not getting better and better.

Evolving from good pop sultry songs (somewhat compared to a James Morrison vibe) – with his first singles like Impression, In the Dark and Blue Skyes – he jut stepped it up. Pushing for a more Indietronic approach perfectly shown with Ain’t No Use (released earlier this year), he continues to showcase his full range for doing beautifully-elegant but very engaging high-beat songs.

I love the idea of people getting some joy out of what is really a heart breaking sentiment

With bits of engaging pop, perfect electronic hooks and what can be described as extreme good taste for placing beautiful classic piano chords, Nothing Less is a mesmerizing song. Matt‘s voice in this one just reaches another level: turning what his described by himself as the saddest song his ever made, into an almost obsessive eargasm. With a chorus that is really from another world.

His first E.P. is coming soon. Brace yourselves.


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