Amy Milner – Easier

Based on a deeper sense of hurry and determination, Amy Milner's Easier is the perfect start for the week.

Amy Milner, London 08/08/15 | Photo by Jason Williamson

With a power we only really attributed to Florence Welch‘ vocals, Amy Milner comes back with Easier. After the shiver-maker, hauntingly beautiful Have It All came the soft yet extremely personal Help. We were still trying to put our sh*t together, and there she came again with Easier.

This single is such a masterpiece. Although its similarities, Easier is different from the previous singles. Based on a harsher beat, the power of her voice seems to be built in a deeper sense of hurry and determination, as the lyrics require. As usual, this is a single with a simple-to-complex composition, developing into piece with plenty of great sounds to go around. Starting off with just vocals, piano and a simple beat the song rapidly evolves to so much more. Enter drums, enter fluctuation, enter explosions. And just like that, Easier is born. One thing is for sure, Amy just made it Easier to cope with this new week.

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