[TGIF] 6 freshest tunes of the week

Here's a little surprise cooked with today's releases. Enjoy the weekend with great (new) music.

Thank God Its Friday! Today, the 21st of October, 2016 was a very fruitful day. So fruitful we found ourselves overwhelmed with too many great new songs and not knowing which one to pick. So we decided to post about them all! Bellow you’ll find our top 6 singles released these last two days that’ll fit right in any chilled or productive weekend.

Olivia O’Brien – Find What You’re Looking For

Putting out a new single every month (Trust Issues two months ago and Root Beer Float last month), Olivia O’Brien just released Find What You’re Looking For. This single is every for every heartbroken person out there to treat yourself to some comradery. Chin up, wipe your tears. Enjoy the weekend.

Woodes – Rise

Angelic, atmospheric electronic chill is all we ask for some relaxation. And that’s exactly what Woodes delivered with Rise. The deep tones and the ethereal drifts will wake you in a soft way and persist into a great mood.

Tigers Are Bad For Horses – Tinder Date

Tinder Date is TABFH newest single and follows the powerful nostalgic Embers. This single is very current as it approaches in a very playful yet really honest way how online dating goes. Upbeat melody and funky immersive vocals, this Tinder Date is one of the best we ever had!


People Like Trees – Nothing Like Me

People Like Trees is an indie-folk band from Virginia posting their first track on SoundCloud. Rythmic, harmonic and dynamic, Nothing Like Me is an invitation from this five guys to dance this weekend, even though we’re nothing like them.

GAUCI – Hurry

GAUCI present themselves as a progressive trio, exploring electronic music with dark notes on her voice. Hurry is their very first track and goes directly to every dancefloor! We anxiously await for more songs, but until then, we’ll keep listening to this “sounds-like-80”s” Hurry!


Amateur Best – BJØRNEHEI!

He might have an amateur on his name, but works like a pro, so best suits him perfectly! Amateur Best is one of our fairest choices for every weekend, but this one is different: Amateur Best just released BJØRNEHEI! and we bet it will be on your playlist!

We hope your weekend is as enjoyable as these little treats!

More songs like this can be found at our weekly updated Spotify playlist: