R00ms – Bittersweet Company

The first track from this LA-based secret band is a R&B/soul no-brainier.

r00ms bittersweet company newsecret

Rooms, or how they like to spell it, r00ms, is a sort-of metaphoric name for a LA-based project born from hidden love. A girl and a boy who secretly grew in love with each other, both romantically and musically, and who kept it all a secret for a greater good.

Bittersweet Company is the first piece of music revealed from a set of songs written and produced in some secret rooms of another musical project, and that are now meeting the beautiful light of the day. And like all good things that are kept secret for a while, when it is time to be revealed, they do it with a bang.

Slowly revealing itself, there are a lot of sweet sides to this track where the only bitter part are the lyrics. Singing about loosing someone, the duo focuses on a smooth, sensual and very engaging vibe from the first beat. However, the main point, and the star of the whole thing really, are how the vocals are so surprising and lusting. Just like an endless whisper that sings naughty things to our ears.

Masterly mixed by Jeff Ellis (Grammy winner with Frank Ocean debut album) this is a must-hear, a must-think and a must-do-things R&B/soul no-brainier.

We cannot wait for more from R00ms.

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