Brent Faiyaz – AM Paradox (EP)

Brent Faiyaz's erotic, sexy relatableness in AM Paradox makes us keep pressing play again and again.

brent faiyaz am paradox review

Calm and engaging, Brent Faiyaz has just released, possibly, the most relatable EP of 2016. AM Paradox is his first album and contains the slow burner Poison and the cool grooving Invite Me.

There’s something so sexy to the way his voice flirts with your ears in a clean falsetto and chilled instrumentals. The Weeknd did something in these lines, but Brent took it to a rawer level. Smooth and delicate voice; Strong and pondered thumps; Hushed and sultry lyrics; Love and lust dichotomy . We were definitely drawn in by the rawness constitution of the AM Paradox regarding both honest, real lyrics and honest, real conversation between each track. Sex and relationships are often approached (and well received) in songs, but usually perceived as inappropriate in a conversation. The junction between these two (colliding) realities in one project is kind of genius. Talking a bit more in depth, this EP is a five moment journey of a relationship with a woman, from lust to love to end:

Lovely is when we first get to know the woman this project is based on. A confident, independent, fun woman. Next stage is Insecure, which is musically  amazing on transmitting exactly that. The cold atmosphere and the soulness of the track reenact that moment of duality between wanting to give more of you to someone new and wanting to protect the little you have left from yourself: How I adore, our love would be so true / I just wish you knew / I’d be all yours if my mind didn’t wander / I’ve got scars from my life before you.

Invite Me is strategically placed in the middle of the EP, showcasing Faiyaz’s greatest skills as vocalist, songwriter, and R&B adaptability.
By the time we get to the second half of AM Paradox, we get the decline of the relationship. Poison is the lyrical representation of a relationship becoming toxic but we’re still too damn attached to the person, we’re still so in love with what had been built, we’re trying to save it. The musicality of this song is spectacularly accurate in representation. I know its bad for me, And you know it tastes so sweet, I think i need your abuse baby.

Finally, as we come to the end of the EP, so does the relationship. As most love affairs end, No One Knows what happened, but we know AM Paradox is something we don’t want to come to an end.

The overall erotic, sexy feel to AM Paradox makes us keep pressing play again and again.

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