Cash+David – Burger (Stormy Weather)

Burger showcases Cash+David range for making distinctive and remarkable electro-pop bombs.

cash+david side 2 new ep

Since the first singles released from 2014 to later 2015, London’s own eletro-pop duo Cash+David, set up an electronic cadence easy to get in love with. Both Liz Lawrence well placed and elaborated vocals and Tim Ross unusual rhythms and synthesized strong beats, created a very characteristic production trademark for the duo. Every single had a very distinct feeling: Pulse and Funn were more brutal electronic explorations, Bones (listen below) was a much more melodramatic approach, X got back to an almost post-rock vibe, while Pains 4 U (featuring Rome Fortune) showcased their full pop, hip-pop and electronic range. This was even increased by their ability to be remixed by well established indie projects like John Wizards, Peaking Lights or Daktyl on almost every single.

Starting this year, they released Side I. In this EP they showed a further capacity to make emotional lyrics go hand-in-hand with progressively clean and tranquil rhythms. When You’re Lonely was probably the most distinctive moment of the EP.

Still, judging from what was released one week ago, the best was yet to come. They once again showed their unexpected virtue with Side II (EP), where every song sounds like an eletronic bomb. Elixir extended their melodramatic and almost romantic side with raging beats, like a danceable shot of emotions. STC (interval training) is like the name itself a short break for breath. And Bloodsucker is quirky and melodically fulfilling, with constant breaks and distinct electronic explorations.

However, the highlights should go for Burger (Stormy Weather). The title of the song does a little regarding the revelation of its power. But once again we are very surprised with the levels of layers in this one. Probably one of the most interesting pieces of eletro-pop produced this year. Raging and brutal, with strong vocals and some very harsh (but oh so-good) twists, this is an extremely well-built song. The perfect example of how pop can sound like rock when eletronic beats mix it all perfectly.

You can listen to the whole Side II EP, on Spotify or by hitting “play” below:

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