[PREMIERE] Joe Osborne and the Winter Moon – The Republic

In a beautiful coincidence to Dylan's Nobel Prize, The Republic is a beautiful folk track, sung as an ode to going back to basics.

Artwork credits toLuke Remon and Anthony Nelligan

Joe Osborne and the Winter Moon is a London-based folk band, which we premiere today, The Republic, their first single of the their second EP with the same name.

There are times where songs are naturally created from the values we have, the ones our fathers gave us that makes us able to distinguish between what to love and what to hate. The Republic is a honest ode to this. Above all a song to where one can always turn to clear our perspective and take everything back to basics. In a beautiful proximity to the sort-of tangled Bob Dylan way of story-telling, Joe Osborne vocals are spot on, constructing a generous melody on top of gentle guitars, extasic harmonica and besetting drums. And there is definitely that little bit of something we can’t quite explain, that turns this song into something very personal.

[WtMM] Who are Joe Osborne & The Winter Moon?
[Joe Osborne] It’s me (Joe) on guitar, harmonica and vocals, Miguel on bass and backing vocals, Liam on keys, guitar and backing vocals and Jamie on drums.

How did all you guys meet and start playing together as a band?
Miguel, Jamie and I met at Uni, they played in a punk band called Supernothing and I played solo. After Uni we kept in contact and went to each other’s shows. I got bored of playing on my own and asked if they wanted to jam and it went from there. We met Liam after Uni, he is the latest addition and also plays in a friends band (Thelma Ball).

Can you tell us what are the band main influences in terms of sound?
I guess the core ones are Lau, Tycho, Dylan and Ben Howard.

We’ve been wondering what is the main inspiration behind “The Republic”?
Plato’s Republic influenced the construct and the basic parameters but to be honest it was written out of fear and confusion and out of a desire to take things back to basics.

You are releasing the full “The Republic” EP on the 11th of November. How long have you guys being looking forward to this?
We’ve been working towards it over the last year or so and started recording in March. A lot of the songs are old now but it feels good to get them out finally.

You had a first EP, “When River Meets Sea”, released back in 2014, which sounds pretty different from “The Republic” songs. Was this a natural evolution?
Yeah, I think so. I wanted to change things up a bit so I’m glad you think there’s a distinctive contrast. Those songs could have sounded like these ones if the guys played on that release. We still play a couple of tracks from it in our live set…

Are you guys where you wanted to be in terms of sound? Is this new E.P. the type of music you always wanted to make together?
Well you never really find it, it’s a constant work in progress but I think we’re on the right track. There was a lot of toing and froing on my part during recording. I almost scrapped the whole thing and started again but decided it was best to get something out for the time being.

Are these the type of songs you’ve always been looking to play live?
Well we’re still trying to get shows in the UK but they’re fun to play live and yeah we still feel impassioned by them.

What are the future plans for Joe Osborne & The Winter Moon?
We have a release show on 19th November at The Shoe Factory Norwich and at The Forge Camden on 29th November. A few other shows to be announced but other than that just to keep playing wherever and whenever possible. Keep writing and recording. Keep on keeping on…

The Republic EP is set to be released on the 11th of November and is available for pre-orders on iTunes here.

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