Sälen- Copper Kiss

Are you aware of Copper Kiss(ing)? Sälen pushes every boundary, and we're loving it. Listener discretion is advised.

salen copper kiss review

Sälen‘s newest single, Cooper Kiss, came out October 7th and is a cute yet extremely vivid song. If you were to judge only by the rhythm, the fun drums, the softness of her vocals and the happy choir background humming, you’d never think of the real meaning of Copper Kiss. We’re definitely R-rating these lyrics. For those of you who don’t know what is a copper kiss, here’s the Urban Dictionary definition. So, when she sings pour your metal on my mouth… You get the picture. Although its bubbly aura, Copper Kiss is vivid imagery and listener discretion is advised. You’re so gross you make me sick / I’ll lose your taste with my spit / When you crack your bones I hope they snap in half. A classic for Sälen. And, as we’re all for testing the waters and pushing boundaries, we’ve been loving this new tune!  We’re also looking forward to see the video to Copper Kiss because it features a python!!  according to Kamio (vocals):

It’s good to be gross.

But this is no news to anyone who knew Sälen before. Their work always has some edgy theme behind the magic, light pop vibe of their singles. I’m in Love With My Best Friend was the debut single to this London-based Sweden-named trio, in the beginning of 2016. This was the first glance into the treat they were to give us: the soft, sweet ballad-like sonority versus the edginess of lyrics.

Runner up was the single Diseasey, a song so brutally honest on a messy confusion spiral, wrapped up in a popish throbbing musicality: I won’t go home with you / Why I’m in bed with you? / I’m into your sickness / Infect me with your weakness. With it, they launched a glittery provocative music video:

By this time their sonority was nicely established. The release of The Drwg not only reassured it, as it also stepped up the game. This single conjugates new ethereal and loving elements: You’re the drug that I’m in love with / You’re the way that I waste my time. And the video matches it perfectly. Space out and hitch a ride with these guys:

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