North Downs – Nothin’

Coming from unknown origins, North Downs is a mysterious act that seems ready to stumble the music industry. Their first single, Nothin', is dark and perfect from top to bottom.

North Downs plastic clouds

Ready to be intrigued? This new secret comes from unknown and mysterious origins within the UK to stumble the indietronic world. Named North Downs, they release today their first ever single entitled Nothin’. And like the name itself, there has been nothing like this recently in the music industry.


In what seems to be a merge between dark rock and electronic melodies, the North Downs put out an haunting experience allying a sort-of James Blake voice to a dark Tame Impala spirit. Marked by a silhouette of synthesizers, the guitar reefs are intentionally unparalleled with the rest of the song, constructing a genius listening experience.  Nothin’ is one of those songs that might feel kind of strange the first time you hear it, but soon becomes one of the most gravitational songs of the year. Perfect from top to bottom we feel this can be heard as many times as we breathe. And always works out as an escaping and overwhelming experience.

The North Downs act plans to leave everyone with a uncertainty taste in their mouths as they reveal themselves bit by bit with each song release. We can only say that if the next ones match this debut, we are probably looking at one of most exciting acts to follow in 2017.

For now you can only check their Soundcloud profile.

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