Billy Lockett – Wide Eyed

Billy Lockett comeback song is an emotional and hauntingly beautiful track about resilience.

Photo credit to Emily Thomas.

Billy Lockett has released Wide Eyed mid September and it’s hauntingly beautiful. This single follows a different direction from Burn It Down EP with it’s intimate, stripped down production. Wide Eyed starts off with a beautiful piano piece that continues as a lovely lullaby throughout the song. A few seconds from the start, Billy‘s soft falsetto breaks up the pristine sound, giving us an emotional ride.

The upcoming debut album (from which Wide Eyed is the first release) is love songs to my dad and about the loss of someone very dear to you. It took me two years to pen the material after he passed. It was his wish I play piano. It was an extremely real thing to write about, something I’ve never done before.

The song is lyrically quite heavy. You can really feel all the baggage behind the decision to “move on” knowing that you’ll end up in the same position. Knowing Wide Eyed is the last song Billy wrote for the album, we’re guessing this will be quite a touching journey.

No more wide eyes (…) No morning cries 

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