SLOES – Young

SLOES are a London-based indie-rock band which just released Young, a song that might have guaranteed them a spot in the sun.

SLOES are a London-based five-piece band formed by Jerome, Jo, Paul and Luke and Jo’s little sister Katie, that has everything a band should have. Vocals, guitars, drums and bass and that bit of violin that takes it to a whole different place.

They started in a basement in Dalston and fused indie-rock elements with pop and folk into a debut solid E.P. entitled Chasing Tails (2015). The four-long piece album was a steady beginning, showing that the ambient guitar lines and the rousing hooks so naturally entangled with the two vocals, could be the first step for a simple but very efficient trademark of the band sound (The Devil in You is probably the best example of this). By listening to the whole four songs we could easily identify similarities with other indie-rock bands. Some of the tenderness felt like The Head and the Heart. And some bits of rock roughness sounded like My Morning Jacket. However there was also something already quite unique about the way SLOES sound.


Although we were left with high expectations after the E.P., we acknowledge we were not really prepared for what was coming our way. With the release of a new single Young, SLOES might just got their spot in the sun.

“I see nothing wrong” are the first words of Young. Like the beginning of a tender sprint, the track starts with a very unique string of voices, guitars, drums and violin. Everything is so well placed that it almost sounds like a dream. Sometimes a song is everything we need for a day to make perfect sense. This is that perfect sense. Such a quality song that potentially exudes the same kind of strength that we remember from Band of HorsesThe Funeral.  And as we could try to describe it further, the violins in the back of our head could never been so perfect as the ones in the background of the song. And for that reason, we will let ourselves press play again. You should do the same.

P.S. If this version is not already a bit of perfection. There is also the Mahogany version, portraying the incredible range of this young band to intimately rock.

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