Mullally – Overdose / Troubled Love / Wonderful

Mullally merges pieces of pop, reggae and soul with eletronic vibes into a tasty and brilliantly tailored music milkshake.

Sometimes, most of the times, life is all about immediate feelings. Having that instantaneous certainty that we are capable of loving something without any sort of doubt. For us, Mullally was just that.

“You’re my kind of wonderful”

From the first time we’ve hit the play button on Overdose (do it now), and those background electronic almost-voices merged with the brutal “edgy zesty neo soul” vocals of the 20 year-old singer, it was it. Love at first hearing. He says he has been waiting for this feeling for too long. We can relate. Overdose is a superb pop and reggae song that almost sounds too easy to be true. Impossible to take your hears off. Til the very end. Everything sounds synchronized, like it was meant to be.

It is not one, or two, or tens, but thousands of artists, that after the first song hearing lets down on the second single. Mullally it is everything but that. If you notice the way the name rhymes with lullaby, you should be expecting what comes next. Troubled Love already has more than 1M (yes, million) and is the type of song that will be impossible not to reach every piece of every radio on every piece of every country on earth. It immediately take us to the type of songs Sam Smith produced with Disclosure. If that is not a comparison to take lightly, it even goes farther. Merges pieces of pop, with reggae and soul and mixes up everything together with electronic vibes, into a tasty and brilliantly tailored music milkshake.

It wouldn’t be fair to reach this stage of this presentation and not mention we were expecting to be let down by a third single released one week ago. But you know what? We were not. Wonderful is once again a beautifully crafted song. Although it might not be as crazy good as the two previous songs (it would be impossible), it shows again the brutal magnitude of this young alternative music prospect. The way the song is turn inside out in the last minute simply takes us away. It is almost like Simply Red made a son, and he gained interest in mixing electronic samples with romantic reggae vibes. And if this is not enough, we also think Gnarls Barkley would be proud.

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