[INTERVIEW] PLGRMS talk about Gemini, touring and the future

In a laid back and honest interview, the duo tells us all about their origins and the meaning behind their new single.

After the melodic Fools And Their Gold and being featured as a New Secret, the Aussie duo, PLGRMS, is back. Gemini is out for 3 days and has already gathered the attention of several indie music blogs and avid dark indietronic listeners. As we heard the single for thousandth time, we thought we had to have a chat with them in order to better understand who and what are they all about. Kindly, they agreed. Keep reading below to know all about PLGRMS, Gemini, touring and future plans:

Getting to know PLGRMS

[WtMM] Who are PLGRMS? How did you guys meet?
[Jonathan Bowden] PLGRMS is a duo, comprised of vocalist Jacob Pearson and myself (Jonathan Bowden). I had written a number of songs, but I don’t have the most amazing voice. So I embarked on an online search and after a couple of weeks, stumbled across some of Jake’s videos on YouTube. I made contact with Jake and it turned out that he only lived about an hour north of me in Sydney. So we arranged to meet up and I guess the rest is history…

You have a pretty unique sound going on: how did it come about? What is your musical background, did you learn certain instruments growing up?
I actually have a music degree majoring in jazz. My dad is a piano teacher, so that was the instrument I started on and from there, I branched out into guitar and bass. In terms of PLGRMS’ sound, some of what you hear are very conscious choices, and some are the happy result of lots of playing around and experimenting.

Sounding like PLGRMS

We first compared your sound (especially the ‘Fools and Their Gold’ single) to The Neighbourhood and Mansionair. How would you describe your sound and who are your influences?
We like to think we sort of bridge that gap between electronic and indie rock, “indietronica” for lack of a better word. Some of our influences include alt-J, Glass Animals, The Acid and Radiohead.

Your debut single ‘Pieces’ is close to hitting 1M Spotify streams in just over a year. What do you attribute to its huge success?
I’m not entirely sure to be honest. Some of it I think, is a bit of the right-place-at-the-right-time, but people seem to connect with the rawness of Jake’s and the use of more organic instruments like drums and guitars, combined with the precision and definition of electronic music.

Your newest song ‘Gemini’, is a bit different from ‘Fools And Their Gold’, and more in the vibe of ‘Pieces’; would you agree? What made you decide to take a different direction from the previous single?
I do think Gemini is somewhat similar to ‘Pieces’ in terms of structure and the overall arc of dynamics. However, I think ‘Gemini’ is darker and slinkier than Pieces and Fools And Their Gold, and while it still harbours elements of both singles, we were keen to give it it’s own distinct flavour.

All your work seems to have pretty in depth stories behind them: could you explain what’s behind Gemini?
Gemini is one of the signs of the zodiac and its symbol is the twin pillars. Gemini is an examination of the alter ego, an experiment in which we allow the voice of persuasion in your head to take control…a bit like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Touring, Collaborations and Future Releases

We need to ask you: how was opening for Oh Wonder and the whole tour experience?
Playing with Oh Wonder was great! They were super lovely and their fans were so warm and receptive towards us! We haven’t played a whole lot of shows, but have a run of East Coast dates coming up in Australia, which should be a lot of fun.

PLGRMS toured with OH Wonder

PLGRMS touring with OH Wonder. Photo credits to Howl & Echoes and Amy Heycock

From that experience, are there any musicians you’d like to collaborate with?
Just to be a fly on the wall in the same room as Thom Yorke would mind blowing, but to collaborate with someone like that would be incredible. Also, I know he’s not alive anymore, but to collaborate with John Lennon would be next level!

We would love to see you perform live! Is there any European tour programmed? Is Portugal on your radar?
There’s a good chance we might be heading over to the UK at some stage next year. We would absolutely love to get to Portugal! Are you extending an invite…?

Thank you so much for your time. But before we let you go, there is one question we keep repeating to ourselves: is there an album or an EP in the near future? What is your next step?
I guess the logical next step would be an EP. All going to plan, we’d like to have something out probably early next year.


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Last but not least, we would like to thank Holly Shaw for making this interview possible.