Bishop Briggs – Be Your Love

Be Your Love is another powerful effort from Bishop Briggs and a true reflection of how good can pop and electronic vibes be when perfectly mixed together. Auto-repeat alert.

Photo credits to George Robertson
Bishop Briggs Be Your Love

In what seems to be a brilliant week for some of the artists we first covered as “new secret” (we’ve talked about Tender new single yesterday, Seramic new song on Wednesday, and Old Sea Brigade new single on Tuesday), Bishop Briggs, one of the main indie female highlights of the year, has just released today her fourth single.

[su_quote class=”text-align: center”]When the fire buns, when the blessing turns, I’m gonna be your Love[/su_quote]

Be Your Love is another powerful effort with all the ingredients that characterizes this powerful dark-alternative-pop singer: enticing, heavy bass, overwhelming, clear whispering and powerful rasp vocals, fast rhythm and with the enough amount of electronic pop.  This is a magical song, a wonder for the spirit and the feelings. A true reflection of how good can pop and electronic vibes be when perfectly mixed together. And if this doesn’t stay echoing in the top of your head from the first moment we reach the chorus, we don’t know what will.

Being her fifth single this year, it is remarkable how she can always reinvent herself around each song. Everything sounds wrapped around her truly unique style in a way you can easily identify a Bishop Briggs’s song from the first moment it plays. However, even when she uses the same kind of rhythms and samples (e.g. the beginning of Be Your Love uses the same samples of River), every song has it’s own really strong stamp.

One Of 2016 Most Successful Cases in the Indie Music Industry

Being already compared with multiple female-based projects like Alex Clare, Gordi, Kaleida, Marian Hill or Sylvan Esso, she is having a crazy year. In nine months she increased ten times (!) the number of likes on Facebook to 8k, and twice increased the number of listeners on Soundcloud to 11k. She opened for Passion Pit, and Coldplay in the Summer. And she was named Indie All Star by Spotify and New Artist of the Week by Apple Music.

Here in Where the Music Meets we believe the amount of times any one can listen to one of her songs and still rock it out every single time is what makes her unparalleled with any other new female artist right now. We’ve featured her as one of 2016 half-year ten best new secrets, and write about her twice this year already.

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You should, above anything else, follow Bishop Briggs. Just follow the links here:

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