Kate Lomas – Let’s Just Be // Tipsy

Kate Lomas is all about atmospheric synths and chilled rhythm contrasting with the hip-hop(ish) playfulness in her debut EP Let's Just Be.

Piture via Kate Lomas’ Facebook .

With under 670 likes on Facebook, this is a New Secret tightly kept we want to break free. Kate Lomas is  Let’s Just Be is the single that entitles Kate’ debut EP, which was released on the 2nd of September via The Sound Of Everything UK. This single is the perfect upbeat mix between electro-pop and hip-hop inspired R&B. Let’s Just Be also focuses mainly on the vocals that makes us travel back to Oh Wonder, Lapsley and Vaults.

 [Let’s Just Be is about] people changing and friendships growing apart in modern day life. It’s about how the world used to seem so big when we were younger and as you get older your perception of it changes and people change their outlook in life.

The follow up single Tipsy, released just two weeks ago, presents Kate in the same setting, but with the twist. We can start to see the style of this Bath-based artist being constructed right before our eyes (and ears). The song has every element on point from the atmospheric synths and sparse vibe to the chilled rhythm that beautifully contrasts the hip-hop(ish) playfulness in her voice. She said Tipsy is an ode to the sense of intoxication felt when in awe of that special person. And we can definitely feel that.

The Let’s Just Be EP has three other tracks (Weight In Me, Wake Me Up (Grown a Little Colder) and This Kind of Life) that will equally blow your mind as they steal your heart. Be sure to check them out.

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