SHELLS – Jagwar

Jagwar is the sophomore single of the British newcomer Shells, an alt-pop track with pinches of RnB that will make you feel invincible.

Picture via Shells’ Facebook Page.

Jagwar is the sophomore single of the British newcomer Shells, released August 2nd and is the little brother of her debut song, Gold. Little only in the sense of being more recent, because there’s nothing small about this single. Jagwar is an alt-pop track with pinches of RnB that really makes her voice central stage. Composed by a pulsing bassline that echoes through the dark atmospheric aura of the song. According to Shells: Jagwar is about letting go of something you love, and being stronger for it” and we can really tell by the tension, determination and some nostalgia the track transmites. There are some elements during these 3and a half minutes that remind us of Banks‘ signature soft beginning, Lana Del Rey‘s whisper and Birdy‘s melodie (specially in Let It All Go). But the amazing thing is, we could list a few more artist but it wouldn’t make a difference. Because this is her sound. Shells‘ sound.

I’m a jagwar calling / I make a bad, bad prisoner
I’m a bird free falling / Wasn’t born just to please ya 

Shells‘ debut EP is out in November this year.

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