Dotan – Shadow Wind

Shadow Wind showcases Dotan's duality on both rough and smooth, invigorating and touching. Massive, massive song from our favorite dutch artist.

Picture via Dotan‘s Facebook.

We were so pleased to see (even though a bit late) that Dotan had released a new single! Ever since his folk-feels-like-home 7 Layers album (and with it, the attention grabber Home, the warm accoustic Hungry and the slow-burning emotional Swim To You) came out back in 2015 we had been expecting news from them. And we missed them by 20 days! Shame on us.

This Amsterdam-based amazingly good artist was “very proud and a tiny bit scared to share a new song with you called Shadow Wind. A few words to sum it up: stepping out of your own shadow and facing this crazy world with love and without fear“. No reason to be scared, as Shadow Wind takes us back to Home II, the single that showcased Dotan‘s duality on both rough and smooth, invigorating and touching. This single is folk pop, choir like background vocals, atmospheric scenery and rigorous percussion that keeps your feet down as your head goes up in the clouds. Pleasingly resembling what Ásgeir, Nick Mulvey, and (oh yes) Ben Howard did so well in the past, Dotan should be taken very seriously. This is a massive song.

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