New Secret: Fil Bo Riva – Like Eye Did / Killer Queen

Fil Bo Riva is a folk/soul artist whose gravel vocals entice a visceral reaction that culminantes in chills running down our spine. Let them flow with Like Eye Did and Killer Queen.

Picture via Fil Bo Riva.

Fil Bo Riva is a Berlin-based artist that released his second record, Like Eye Did, about 3 months ago, giving a much awaited follow up to his amazing debut single Eye Look (released 1 year ago!). Very Matt Corby, Hozier and George Ezra-esque, this song is a raw folk-soul promise of an escape from the rational reality to a world of sensations. His gravel vocals entices a visceral reaction that culminantes in chills running down our spine. It is very rare to come across an artist able to create such powerful melody with the melancholic feel. The artist explained that his music is “the result of a twisted mind and a beating loving heart“, and with Like Eye Did we got a whirlwind of emotions going on: both heartbroken over the lyrics, and all excited over the musicality. I know, you never loved me like I did / You know, I never kid you like you did / You’re the beat in my head / Shoot me down and shoot me dead / You’re the beat in my head / Bang Bang

About one month ago, he played the Cardinal Sessions Festival in May 2016 where was shot a session with him and his guitarist (we included it below). Killer Queen was officially released on August, 19th and this time Fil Bo Riva brings out a calmer single, still folk, very indie and equally personal.

His debut EP If You’re Right, It’s Alright is expected to be released September 23, 2016.

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