Meeting of the Day: Lake Komo – Manners

Manners is Lake Komo new song, an honest falsetto rendition of honest love which leaves us breathless.

Two months ago we introduced Lake Komo and talked about their main influences, not leaving Justin Vernon out. By that time, the two singles released by the Lancaster-based band, entitled Resurrect and Milwaukee, were already clear indications that we were in the presence of a solid composition capable of producing powerful songs. Still we did not see what their new single delivers. Manners is pure sentiment, and a brutal similarity to the Bon Iver songs we have been missing so much. And by matching Lake Komo with Bon Iver, we are not trying to reduce the band to any kind of interpretation, but the opposite: for the more raw fans of the main Justin Vernon project, this is probably what they would expect (or dream) their new songs should sound like.

Maybe because of all the emotions behind it, Manners is pure quality, a super honest transcription of emotions through a beautifully crafted falsetto which leaves us waiting for more, for every single second, and breathless after the track ends. And if the song by itself already makes us feel broken and touched, what Lake Komo’s front man says about it can only push these feelings forward and leave us speechless:

Manners is the most personal song I’ve written to date. It’s about a family member who had a huge impact on my life growing up who eventually succumbed to Alzheimers once she met her later years. There’s a sadness in this song that I don’t think will ever be matched in anything else I write, but I like to think that that sentiment is overpowered by the final message of the song, which is the appreciation and love I have for her.