Meeting of the Day: Skylar Grey – Off Road

Off Road is the contagious new song from Skylar Grey, and one that takes all around, both spiritually and in video.

Picture via Skylar Grey.

Skylar Grey is back and has released the video for her new song Off Road, which was shot top to bottom on a Samsung Gear 360 – talk about going off road! How about a canoe in the middle of a lake? This upbeat new song is a representation of both relationships and life in general. In Skylar‘s own annotations on Off Road, about two weeks ago, she states that “I’m an adventurous person. In fact I’m on a road trip right now! Life is too short to not try and experience it in as many was as possible. If you’re always doing the same thing every day, you’re not getting much out of life”. This single starts off with a strong synth electronic vibe, very current, with a prominent beat that follows through the entire song. This kind of sonority has striking similarities to Flume and he isn’t really an artist we are accustomed to compare Skylar with – perhaps other than her on Cannonball, which was recorded with X-Ambassadors – but it really suits her voice and style. These singles will feature on her upcoming third album and we’re eager to get our hands on it!

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