New Secret: DYAN – Looking for Knives

DYAN is a group of 3 amazingly talented people who are specialists in creating minimal pieces of art and Looking for Knives simply screams musicality: quirky lyrics, out-of-this-world vocals and greatly constructed bass line. They bring every track to another dimension.

Picture via DYAN.

For those of you who enjoy sparse yet heavy bass and synth combinations, you’re in for a treat. DYAN are a group of 3 amazingly talented people: Alexis Marsh, Sam Jones, and Daniel Dorff Jr. who are specialists in creating minimal pieces of art filled with soul and groove. Everything about Looking for Knives – the single that preceded the album – screams musicality: quirky yet really honest lyrics, strong, smooth but raspy, out-of-this-world vocals, and greatly constructed bass line, sparse and melodic enough to bring the record to another dimension. Alexis explained the composition of this single as follows:

“I wanted out of a relationship with a good man. And there was no explaining why. It was the opposite of what I expected from myself, breaking a promise so easily. And it all felt very dark – anger, impatience, but sorrow above all. So we went after a sound to reflect that – keeping the arrangement clear up until the saxophone solo sort of explodes to finish the song”

If we got your attention with the single, then we highly recommend you listening to the full album: Looking for Knives was released July 29th, and we haven’t stopped playing it yet. It’s a true indie-pop album that carousels around high and low emotions, beats, and experiences – a great journey that DYAN kindly shared with us.

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