New Secret: Tamu Massif – OK

We couldn't more ok with Tamu Massif newest single. Delicate but powerful. Nostalgic but uplifting. Here is for something completely different.

Picture via Bristol Live Magazine.

Tamu Massif‘s newest single OK went out on July 29th, and is the latest addition to the forthcoming E.P. later this year. This single is such a great follow up to the previous Holding Back since both bring out the raw talent there is in this young artist, as they are produced around the same basis: texture, RnB groovyness and enticing synths. The heartfelt lyrics are just the cherry on top.

OK starts off really well with a distorted You can count on me (…) I won’t let you down that evolves to a melodic electropop tune. The single keeps progressing as the lyrics become more and more sentimental and lonesome and we start to realize that that we’re no longer able to count on that person. The second half of the single feels a bit more experimental, but a well thought and well planned kind of experimental. It mixes a rhythmic hip-hop-like background with nostalgic lyrics and James Blake vocals. Right at the end  we get some different sounds that were inspired by the New Year’s Eve Massif spent in Naples last year.
Delicate but powerful, nostalgic but uplifting. OK is production at its best. What a bomb! Overall, OK is a contemplative super chill tune and we’re ok with it.

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