Meeting of the Day: HONNE – Good Together

Good Together is HONNE's sneak peak to their upcoming debut album Warm On A Cold Night and is guaranteed to get your heart all fuzzy and warm inside. Ours did.

Picture via Facebook.

A week away from the release of their highly anticipated debut album Warm On A Cold Night, HONNE have just satisfied momentarily our anxious curiosity for what’s to come by putting out Good Together (a single included in the forthcoming album). Coming after the huge hit Someone That Loves You with Izzy Bizu, and arguably three of the best EP’s released in 2015 (Over Lover and  Coastal Love) and 2016 (Gone Are The Days), this new single seems to flow perfectly in tune with an intricate love story-line we hope gets unveiled throughout the track set. Good Together is an uplifting electronic, somewhat choirish, track that will brighten up your day with its feel-good beats and positive, crazy in love lyrics: Cause you and I we’re good together, oh / You always get me feeling better (…) Cause I would go the distance for you, baby /I’d travel ’round the world if you would let me / I’ll meet you where the sun it always shines / You’re on my mind, all the time / We are not wasting this… Did your heart get all fuzzy and warm inside? Yeah, ours too.

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