Meeting of the Day: Michael Kiwanuka – Cold Little Heart

Michael Kiwanuka is back with Cold Little Hearth, a Pink Floyd and The Who inspired enchanting opener for his forthcoming second album.

We are beginning this mid Summer week with one almost unparalleled artist. Michael Kiwanuka was, since early sounds, compared with emblematic musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers, Otis Redding and Bob Dylan, and was one of those rare cases where the music clearly surpasses its maker. His first album Home Again (2012) slowly built its way into the tops all over Europe (top 10 in the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Scotland and Sweden) and with records such as Home Again, I’m Getting Ready, or Bones, showcased the consistency of a post-modern guitar-singer winning him the BBC Sound of 2011 and a nomination for the Mercury Prize.
Four years have passed and Kiwanuka is releasing in about four days his highly anticipated second full album Love & Hate. In a proper anticipation, he shared a studio-based video of Cold Little Heart the first song recorded and the album opening track. This is a more than 11 minutes long epic slow-building track influenced by 60’s and 70’s guitar classics like The Who and Pink Floyd, or soul music iconic songs like Issac Hayes‘s Walk On By. A super-song that might predict a masterpiece of an album.

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