Indie Sapiens: Clara listens to Mirror People

Clara introduces us to some unexpected Portuguese electronic rhythms and amazing vocals through her Indie Sapiens on Mirror People. Also, she portrayed them into this awesome artwork in her drawing alter ego The Frog.

Picture via o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G.
Clara kindly made this beautiful artwork just for this IndieSapiens: how cool is she?

Imagine you are hanging around on the street and everyone you get by has a secret music artist they like to hear. In Indie Sapiens they will be able to share their favorite tunes with the world! Today is Clara’s turn.

Clara is 26 years old and a lab technician. “At the moment, music comes into my life as an inspiration and every time more in live form” (as she runs an amazing art blog that she makes herself: o S A P O m u d o | f r o m t h e F R O G). “I rarely listen to the music I really like as background working music and never, ever!, as an alarm to wake up in the morning. I’m not knowledgeable when it comes to name of the bands, artists, albums, singles… They just pass me by completely. Call it functional ignorance.” She claims she only really explores what indulges her, and that is not linear, it doesn’t follow any trend and is totally dependent on her state of mind at the time. Clara starts off by saying her taste varies from jazz, through traditional and world music and that kind of social intervention hip-hop, although always with a vast preponderance of Portuguese music -“Avé Zeca”. “So when the WtMM team challenged me to do an Indie Sapiens, it was only natural to seek music made in Portugal, just to pinch that prejudice of Portuguese music being impoverished”.

Mirror People

“It’s a little bizarre that my choice falls on the label of electronic music as I run from electronic tents in festivals and such. But I do like to dance… And I hate labels. Still, having the opportunity to promote someone, this project makes perfect sense. Why? Because it is Rui Maia’s project (he seems to be a nice guy, and that matters to me), and because Mirror People showcase Portuguese rhythms I did not know, and because Maria do Rosário’s voice is amazing on I Need Your Love. That being said, my favorite tunes also include the most funky themes interpretations, such as Rodrigo Cunha in Ruby Went Out Dancing.”

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