New Secret: Billie Eilish – Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under is Billie Eilish's incredible, emotionally heart-wrenching, love story mostly built on atmospheric, soft instrumental background spiced up with key moments and angelical vocals that set the track apart and make it her own.

Picture via CC Weske.

Billie Eilish just released 4 days ago a beautiful (and pertinent) follow up to Ocean’s Eyes, her debut single. Six Feet Under is an incredible, emotionally heart-wrenching, love story told by a spectacular 14 years old singer-songwriter. How can such a young woman understand and convey such saddening tragic love story? Indie dreamy pop tune, sung by her characteristic innocent, angelical voice, built mostly on atmospheric, soft instrumental background spiced up with a little lower key moment that sets the track apart. Although we can frame this song in the likes of Daughter, Meadowlark or even Birdy, we can also appreciate that it was thought and produced in such a brilliantly sparsed and ethereal way that it can only truly be associated to Billie Eilish.
Hold tight to your heart as you push the play button below:

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