New Secret: Rumours

Today we present Rumours, an Italian, Norwegian and UK band that mixes rock and electronic in a sensitive and soulful way.

In times where the European spirit needs to be stronger than ever, we present something special that mixes Italy, Norway and the UK. Rumours is Marion, Fede and Mark alternative project created almost one year ago, that is definitely worth multiple and repeated hearings. The trio produces a spontaneous feel merging Marion and Mark’s deeply engaging voices, and seems to take inspiration or have similarities with at least two very strong UK-female-vocalist bands like is the case of London Grammar and Arthur Beatrice or with the very successful Kwabs. Still, Rumours make a space for their own by taking a more electronic approach than these three. They released their first single in the end of 2015, the wanderer Feel Me, which was a very strong first step in the bands sonority identity and achieving some attention from the online alternative press. This year, however, they managed to step it up. I Do It All, is a rock-electronic ballad with a very strong and immersive feeling, while the most recent single, So Bad, is the type of song that builds up from beginning to end, showcasing the two vocalist voices and merging them with a perfect almost enchanting electronic ambiance. Both songs are part of the forthcoming debut EP Shapes, to be released in about one week (7th July).

Listen to all three songs below, and show them your love:


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