Meeting of the Day: TABFH – Embers

Tigers Are Bad For Horses are back with their newest release Ember, yet another reason to keep this duo under the radar.

Picture via TABFH Press Kit.

One of our firsts New Secret is back! We’re talking about Tigers Are Bad For Horses and their newest release Ember. We stated it here and we kept the promise: we’re (still) keeping an eye on you! This single definitely showcases what TABFH do best: powerful vocals and electrosoft dreamy piano riffs. Ember starts off with an innocent choir-like vocals, warming up for the deep and sweet, manly and comforting vocals to hit us. Along with complex background ambiance, the voices fit in with the instrumentals building up towards the focus being on her high notes. There’s a certain nostalgic feel to the song, some jazzy/bluesy vibes that feel more current than ever. And then the drop that is as frustrating for not climaxing, as is addictive for keeping us anxiously waiting for the next one. This amazing crescendo makes us think immediately of Tula (once again) in River mixed with a darker Oh Wonder vocal arrangement. This is just another reason to keep this duo under the radar.

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