New Secret: Rukhsana Merrise – Money

If sounds had taste, Money would be a delicious mix of sour candy and if sounds had colour, this would be the whole spectrum.

Picture via Facebook .

Since we first listened to Money by Rukhsana Merrise we could only get an Indian-Alanis Morissette-goddess kind of vibe and think “this is brilliant”. If sounds had taste, this would be a delicious mix of sour candy and if sounds had colour, this would be the whole spectrum. It’s impossible to listen to it and not start humming or even singing along. This song clearly portraits a more aggressive Ruksana when compared to her debut EP September Songs that is in a more acoustic and soft register. This means only one thing, there’s more to come and it must be killer.

We should also mention that Adesse Versions released a remix of this song, going for a strong, deep house vibe. Accelerated vocal parts and buildable background that keeps you going, be it on the treadmill or stuck in traffic.

Listen to both original and remix below:

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