New Secret: Amy Milner – Have It All

Amy Milner just entered the music world as a sentimental heroine, with a vicious lovely heart-felted song we don't ever wanna let go.

Picture via Amy Milner Facebook

This one is for the lovers. Once in a while comes a song that leaves us shivering inside, a song that means more the more we listen to it, and that somehow can enter our lives and have a beautiful sweet spot just for itself. A song to which we comeback when we feel we need some musical love, or that we could be missing some sensibility. Once in a while, there comes a song that makes us vulnerable in the best possible way. Amy Milner released her first ever song on the past day of 29th of April. The song, Have It All, is that song we’ve been describing for the the past few lines. And everything else. Remembering the type of feelings we’ve had when we first heard Sarah McLachlan, with songs like Building a Mistery, but more current, more closer to the softer feelings of Banks, and the tenderness of Kwabs. This is a sentimental heroine, a vicious lovely heart-felted song we don’t ever wanna let go. And from our part, we will be in the edges of our souls awaiting for more music from Amy Milner.

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